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Pizza Hut And Home Depot To The Black Keys: Go Kick Rocks

Notorious for dissing other bands, karma has bitten the Black Keys in the form of two counter lawsuits from Pizza Hut and Home Depot denying they ripped off two of the band’s songs for TV spots.



Green Day Transformed Into Spiky-Haired Pigs For New ‘Angry Birds’ Game

Green Day teams with the best-selling app of all time: Angry Birds. We can’t wait to aim our birds at the three new spiky-haired pigs.


(Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Jay-Z Uses U2’s ‘Elevation’ On ‘NBA 2K13′ Video Game Soundtrack

U2 have battled alongside Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (for 2001’s “Elevation” video) and written songs for Batman (“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” from the “Batman Forever” soundtrack), but now the Irish rockers will help soundtrack an NBA video game.



‘Max Payne 3′ Takes Gaming World By Storm

It’s been almost 9 years since the previous installment in the Max Payne series.  Has this one been worth the wait?  The answer to that appears to be a unanimous ‘yes’. Click through for more […]


Photo by Cody Black

Lana Del Rey On SNL, Haters, & Her Hair In First Radio Interview And On-Air Performance

by Nadia Noir [pullquote quote=”What people have to say about me–the really amazing things and the really terrible things–none of them are true. “]”You’re so nice. Why is everyone so mean to you?,” posed Kevin […]


Gaming Part 1: Call Of Duty

If you saw lines outside of video stores last week it could be that folks were out to get a copy of Call of Duty:  Black Ops.  One band in particular loves the game.


Super Mario Bros. 2

If you loved this game, you loved the music. Hear music from this vintage video game… done a little differently…


Asteroids: Not a Game

The reality is that with each second that ticks by we get closer to the inevitability of an asteroid slamming into Earth with perhaps massive casualties. When we could get hit…



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