Today in History

Today In History: January 6th

On January 6th, a Stooge is found dead, Apple changes the world and Dave Grohl drums up the Garbage.


Today In History: January 3rd

Fans honor the late Joe Strummer; The Gallaghers are voted “The Neighbors From Hell” and Britney Spears takes a joke too far


Today In History: December 17th

On December 17th, Saturday Night Live suffers Elvis Costello’s revenge; The Rolling Stones graphic documentary is shown for the last time, and Michael Jackson is offered $17,000 to help the Russian Beer Party


Today In History: December 13th

The Boss gets divorced, RHCP loses a Chili Pepper, Phil Collins plays a TV game show host, and a rainmaker gets run out of town…


Today in History October 4th:

Elton John got mad at Madonna, Sinead O’Connor got mad at the Pope—and someone got mad at Dan Rather…


Today In History: June 28th

[lastfm]The Bangles[/lastfm] release their debut album (1983). [lastfm]Tony Bennett[/lastfm] releases the ‘Unplugged” album (1994). [lastfm]Bjork[/lastfm] released her solo debut called “Debut” (1993). David Bowie’s “Fame” is released in 1975.  Co-written by [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm], the song […]



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