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This Date in History: Energetic, Straight-Ahead Rock & Roll

Billy Idol released his first solo album, Billy Idol, on July 2, 1982. We know that the album features the hits Hot in the City and White Wedding, but what did Rolling Stone think of […]



This Date in History: Fame

[pullquote quote=”I think fame itself is not a rewarding thing. The most you can say is that it gets you a seat in restaurants.” credit=”David Bowie”]David Bowie released Fame, his first #1 song in the […]


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This Date in History: Cosmic Thing

The B-52s released their biggest album, Cosmic Thing, on June 27, 1989. The album served was their first without the late [lastfm]Ricky Wilson[/lastfm]. Along with the release of the album, they recorded a short video […]



This Date in History: Come On Eileen

[lastfm]Dexys Midnight Runners[/lastfm] released one of the 80s greatest guilty pleasures, Come On Eileen on June 26, 1982. They became a one-hit wonder here in the United States, but what are they up to now?



This Date in History: 紫

[pullquote quote=”It’s my favorite color. It’s the color of bruises.” credit=”Scott Weiland”]Stone Temple Pilots released 紫(Purple) on June 25, 1994. It was their 2nd album and their only #1.



This Date in History: Bellydancer

U2’s [lastfm]The Edge[/lastfm] married his longtime girlfriend, Morleigh Steinberg, on June 22, 2002. They met during the Zoo TV Tour when she was the bellydancer onstage during Mysterious Ways.



This Date in History: Live Debut

Talking Heads made their live debut 37 years ago today at CBGB in New York as an opening band for The Ramones. [lastfm]David Byrne[/lastfm] of Talking Heads fame will be at Cobb Energy Centre later […]



This Date in History: From Chaos

311 released their 6th studio album, From Chaos, on June 20, 2001. The album featured their only gold single, Amber, that was written about [lastfm]Nick Hexum[/lastfm]’s fiance at the time.



This Date in History: Sans Bill

In 1995, at the Patinoire Auditorium in Lausanne, Switzerland, Bill Berry collapsed on stage during an R.E.M. show from a ruptured brain aneurysm. He recovered and rejoined the band, but left in October 1997. R.E.M. […]



This Date in History: First Albums

The first album from arguably the biggest band of the 80s and the first album from the biggest band of the 90s were both released on June 15; June 15, 1981 and June 15, 1989. […]




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