Sunday alcohol sales


Christmas Liquor Bans: Is Your State On The List?

Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. More than half of our States have blue laws that will either restrict or prohibit the sale of alcohol on Christmas.



A Casino In Georgia?

Since the Sunday alcohol sales bill passed last session, there has been more talk among legislators about expanded gambling in Georgia.



Sunday Alcohol Sales Are Here

Slowly but surely, the beer/wine aisles will be illuminated on Sunday and liquor stores are starting to open.  Find out where you can buy alcohol on Sunday.



Tuesday’s Radio Free Lunch, Songs About Alcoholic Beverages

Today’s the day you can vote for Sunday alcohol sales (!!).  What are your favorite songs about alcoholic beverages?


Sunday Alcohol Sales, Soon!

97 towns and counties in Georgia will have Sunday alcohol sales referendums on the ballot on November 8. Make the jump to see the complete list from the Georgia Food Industry Association.


Sunday Alcohol Sales Update

As the Georgia General Assembly wraps up this year’s session this week, the decision on the retail sale of alcohol will more than likely be turned over to voters in local communities. Make the jump […]


Thursday’s Radio Free Lunch, Drinking Songs

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  In honor of today and Georgia being one step closer to Sunday alcohol sales we’ll play songs associated with drinking.  What are your favorites??



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