Seattle Woman Does It In the Snow

Last year, around this time, Atlanta was experiencing a snow and ice storm that crippled the city and surroundings areas. Well, this year, it’s Seattle’s turn.


JIm Cantore from the Weather Channel gets excited over…weather.

Not just a kick ass name for a band but Thundersnow rocks Jim Cantore’s world. 


Scouting, Staring and Leaks

We’d love for you to listen every morning but we know you’re busy and miss things that happen on the show. Just know that we’re here – every weekday morning – for you.


Winter Storm Podcast

Sully and Renee have been enjoying the winter storm and have some stories to share. Sully has some unique ideas on how the cities could get rid of the ice. Make the jump to check […]


Winter Storm 2011 Continues

No end in sight as the City’s “wait till it melts” initiative brings criticism from all sides. Make the jump for the very latest on the weather, closings, openings et al here in metro Atlanta […]


Wow the Atlanta snow is UNREAL!

I stopped in front of the Woodruff Arts Center this afternoon. Atlanta has done a great job in dealing with the snow. Check out how it looked with the snow here:



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