MTV 30th Anniversary

Yvonne Monet spinning in 1989

Monet’s 80s Mixes

Yes, that’s Yvonne Monet working the turntables in a crop top and Z Cavaricci pants. Next Mix: Howard Jones, Bananarama, Animotion >>



80s MTV Darling, Debbie Gibson, Still Hot After All These Years

Where has Debbie Gibson been for the past 20 years? Apparently spending a lot of hours in the gym. That’s not all she’s been doing, but the gym part has kept her in incredible shape.



Where Are They Now?

  As MTV celebrates its 30th birthday, we look back at some of the memorable bands and videos as well as on-air staff at MTV and find out what they’re up to these days.


Screen shot 2012-01-13 at 8.41.25 AM

Paint the Mutha Pink!

In my opinion, the Mellencamp contest is the most memorable contest from MTV’s early days



The Buggles’ Bruce Woolley and Pat Benetar Remember Their Start on MTV

Jimmy & Yvonne talked to The Buggles’ Bruce Woolley and Pat Benetar, whose videos were the first two ever played on MTV just after midnight, August 1, 1981, what they remember about that time.


Photo by Frank Micelotta//Getty Images

Happy 30th Birthday, MTV!: The First 10 Music Videos Ever Played On MTV

Remember when MTV stood for Music Television? Thirty years ago, MTV was born on August 1, 1981. On its first day, MTV was still full of flaws; Black screens showed up in between videos when […]



Monday’s Radio Free Lunch, Songs With The Best Videos

Since today is the anniversary of MTV’s launch we’ll play songs with the best videos.  What are your favorites?


Me and MTV

Margot in high school, early 80’s


Top: Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman. Bottom: Alan Hunter, Martha Quinn, J.J. Jackson

Tell Us Your Memories About MTV’s Early Days

Who was your favorite Veejay? How old were you when you started watching and what year was it? Who were your favorite artists? Tell us everything, we want to know!



History Lesson of the MTV Logo

The MTV logo, with its fat “M” and spray-painted scrawl of “TV” on the lower right corner, is one of the most recognizable and imitated logos in existence today.




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