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Interview With Dan Rather

His new book “Rather Outspoken” takes you behind the scenes of Dan’s legendary career in broadcasting.  Listen to what Dan has to say about CNN, the presidential election and the story behind “What’s The Frequency […]



[Video] Big Show For Little Voices: Robin Meade

When does Robin Meade stop? She is with the troops, she is singing. Despite having such a busy schedule she finds time to stop by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.



[Video] Big Show For Little Voices: CNN’s Kyra Phillips

Mara brings out the “big guns” to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with CNN’s Kyra Phillips.



[Video] HLN’s Robin Meade Releases Country Album

Robin Meade, lead news anchor for HLN’s show Morning Express with Robin Meade stopped by the dave fm studio to talk about her new album Brand New Day.


Twitter For Beginners

Virtually every TV show, movie, brand of any kind and certainly advertisement you see have BOTH a Facebook and twitter account to complement it. Facebook accounts for 85% of social media use, but twitter is […]


(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Interview With Patti Stanger

The star of “Millionare Matchmaker” was recently in town filming an episode of Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva”.  See what she says about working on the show and she explains her interesting theory about CNN’s Anderson Cooper and […]


Guess Who Wants Their Job Back?

Steven Slater’s walking (sliding) off the job is now the stuff of legend. Facebook pages, t-shirts and even a Steven Slater for President bumper sticker have all emerged in record time. Now the jobless flight […]


Interview With CNN’s Kyra Phillips

Kyra is the only reporter with direct access to the BP oil rigs because of her relationship with Admiral Thad Allan.  She tells us what we can do to help, the latest on the situation […]


Wednesday’s Radio Free Lunch, This Is CNN

On Monday CNN celebrated it’s 30th anniversary.  We want to honor Atlanta’s CNN employees by playing song associated with news or journalism.  Do you work for one of the CNN networks?  


Eddie’s Attic + CNN=Win

CNN did a profile on Eddie’s Attic the other night.



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