Mitch Evans


The Season of Chipper Continues

I mean really, what else is there to say? Yet again, Larry Wayne Jones has shown us all what he’s about. Walk-off home runs, birthday night home runs, and now bobble head night home runs. […]


US swimmer Michael Phelps

Atlanta Athletes Keeping An Eye On The Olympics

Since my first memories of the 1968 Summer Olympics — the Mexico City Games which were so politically-charged and representative of those turbulent times — I have remained passionate about following the events and results, […]



Helping School Tools for Cool Kids at Publix

While yours truly is a curmudgeonly sort, I am happy to report that my wife Randi is anything but that. Quite to the contrary, she’s much more of the giving type. Known for freely providing […]


Angelo Taylor

Atlanta’s Angelo Taylor Looking For More Gold In London

As high-charged and imposing a figure that Angelo Taylor is when he’s competing in the 400-meter hurdles, conversely, he presents the exact opposite demeanor away from the track — low key and unassuming. It’s really […]



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