Baseball’s Added Wild Cards Make Standings Irresistible

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Purists and skeptics probably don’t like the idea of the added Wild Card playoff teams in baseball but I do.

Baseball is a slow game. Pitch by pitch, we watch and listen.

The baseball season is even slower. It’s 162 games. It’s everyday. And it’s slow.

But things change from day to day. Wins and loses add up. It’s a race. It’s a long race. The infusion of the two Wild Card playoff teams gives us more things to talk about in our daily baseball discussion, which inevitably lead back to the standings.

The Braves could very well end up being a beneficiary of the new Wild Card. But in the American League, it’s even tighter and more competitive. As of today, there are 8 teams chasing the now two Wild Card spots and taking a glance at the standings one will see that the remainder of the season will involve lots of scoreboard watching – for teams and fans alike.

When the playoffs begin, that becomes its own season. But the Wild Card is its own division and adding two more playoff spots into the mix only makes things more interesting.

Stay up with the standings on the MLB Standings Page.

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