Wireless Wednesday: Pet Gadgets

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Rick Limpert, dave fm’s resident tech expert, joins The Steve Show every Wednesday morning at 8am. This week he has some pet gadgets in honor of May being National Pet Month. Plus, his pick for the App of the Week could find you a new friend.

With 62% of American households having pets, and because we treat pets as members of our own families, this week, I review two gadgets that pet owners might want to consider.

Spotless Paw – Microfiber Cleaning Glove
newspotlesspaw Wireless Wednesday: Pet Gadgets
* Keeps your pet clean
* One of a kind glove that allows you to clean between toes and under nails of your pet.
* Patented Microfiber that holds 600% of its weight in dirt, grime an water.
* Removes and captures loose hair.
* Double-sided for easy use.
* Dries quickly for repeated use.
* Machine washable and dryable.

Garmin – GTU 10
newgarmingtu10 Wireless Wednesday: Pet Gadgets
* The Garmin GTU 10 not only can keep track of your loved ones or valuables, but also your pets.
* AT&T low price of $99 with no activation, you can have piece of mind with the Garmin GTU 10 geotracker.
* The device will allow you track where your pets are at any given moment. Receive alerts via email or text messages.
* You can also set up “geo-fences” so you can receive an alert when the GTU 10 enters or exits a particular area.
* The GTU 10 up to 7 days of location information in memory, and you get national coverage (one year of service).
* Easily attaches to bags or collars and battery life is an amazing 4 weeks.

App of the Week: Dog Selector
newdogselector Wireless Wednesday: Pet Gadgets

In keeping with the theme of pets, a brand new app just released last week, Dog Selector, helps people find which dog breed would be most comfortable and happy with them and their lifestyle.

The application has two sections

a) This is the Dog library (free to access) for dog lovers to study dogs, add them as favorites and share them on Facebook with friends.

b) Breed selection (In-app purchase $.99) is for selecting breed, the app requires you to answer series of questions and the results would shown of which breed would be most suited to you, your lifestyle and living situation. The results can be saved or shared through social media.

Rick Limpert is a freelance writer who’s a regular contributor to Yahoo News and Sports in the area of sports technology and is also the Atlanta Gadgets Examiner for

You can follow Rick on Twitter – @RickRoswell

ihospital150 Wireless Wednesday: Pet Gadgets
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