This Date In History: Woohoo!

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blur song 2 This Date In History: Woohoo!

On this date in history, British rockers Blur released their self-titled album that featured their biggest hit in the US, “Song 2.” You might not recognize the name, but if you have ever been to a pro sports game you have definitely heard this song…

Blur tweaked their Britpop sound on their self-titled album and went for a more alternative rock style. “Song 2″ was the second single off the album, and with the memorable chorus “Woohoo!” it quickly became a huge money-making hit for Blur. The song was temporarily named “Song 2″ because the band couldn’t think of a suitable name for it, but the name stuck. “Song 2″ was actually intended to be a parody of the American grunge music of the ’90s, but ended up being supported by the same grunge stations that it was poking fun at.

“Blur” reached the top of the UK charts and was certified gold here in the US. Woohoo indeed!

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