FK’s Top 10 Laughs of 2011

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I am FK aka Fat Kid aka Jeremy Powell and I am the Morning Show Producer at dave fm.

2011 was a rough year for me. The only sports franchise that I have ever truly followed, the Thrashers, left town. My wife and I have dealt with infertility and the treatments that come with it. There was a hostage situation in the apartment next to ours and we got evacuated by a SWAT team. I got hit by an SUV while walking into work and suffered a broken ankle, a broken tailbone, a torn up shoulder, and a PTSD diagnosis. Not only did I have many months of physical and mental therapy to go to, but I also had four different funerals to attend throughout this year. If it wasn’t for funny videos from the internet, I would not have made it through 2011.

10. The Greatest Weather Report of All Time


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