Yvonne’s Top Moments of 2011: Midgets, Manilow and Mimosas

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Yvonne Monet New Year's Eve 2010

Yvonne Monet New Year’s Eve 2010

[photogallerylink id=75276 align=right]To say that 2011 “started out with a bang” is not a metaphor. I literally banged my face on a concrete floor on New Year’s Eve 2010 and rang in the 2011 in the emergency room at Piedmont Hospital. That pretty much set the stage for the New Year. Although there were plenty of face plants throughout the year, it’s always better to look at the good stuff. These are a few of  my Top Moments of 2011.

[photogallerylink id=75630 align=left]I went to Vegas for the first time and Murph asked what show I wanted to see. [lastfm]Liza Minelli[/lastfm] wasn’t in town so I chose [lastfm]Barry Manilow[/lastfm] and it was everything I imagined.

Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and The F Word are just a few of the shows that keep my DVR busy. And, I have a super crush on Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay. So, when I found out he was filming in Atlanta, I worked some magic and wound up at a taping for his show which hasn’t aired yet. I can’t reveal what happened to me while participating in the chicken wing eating contest, but, he said I was “naughty.”

[photogallerylink id=49345 align=right][lastfm]Florence + The Machine[/lastfm] performed at a davefm Circle Of Friends at The Fox and she was riveting. One of my dearest friends in the world bought us tickets for the show that night, 8th row, and it was one of my favorite shows of the year. After the breakdown in “Dog Days Are Over” when it’s just Florence singing and then the band kicks back in – the energy in The Fox Theater was thunderous. I hit the guy next to me it was so ridiculous.

Another great experience at The Fox Theater was with the same friend and her toddler, my boy Mr. Pax. I scored tickets to [lastfm]Yo Gabba Gabba[/lastfm] and we thought it was just going to be kiddie music. I think we had more fun than he did. [lastfm]Arrested Development[/lastfm] performed, we had glow sticks, and then, her son was chosen to go on stage when [lastfm]Biz Markie[/lastfm] beatboxed. Shut the door! Aunt Yo is a tough act to follow. I can’t explain how delightful it is to make him laugh and dance.

Why it’s fun to work in radio:

A handsome midget wrestler named Short Sleeved Sampson performed his signature move on me, I “cat whispered” the Sumatran Momma Tiger and her cubs “back cage” at Zoo Atlanta, I met a bunch of celebrities whose work I enjoy, but more importantly, I’ve been able to participate in various worthwhile causes. Throughout the year, I’ve been honored to be involved in tennis events, animal welfare causes and in November - a life changing experience - working with Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. For that, I am forever grateful.

yvonneandmicrowrestler Yvonnes Top Moments of 2011:  Midgets, Manilow and Mimosas

I’ve also enjoyed countless hours with Ma drinking Mimosas by the pool while listening to my other boyfriend, [lastfm]Michael Buble[/lastfm] and buying senseless yard art. Can you say “life-size metal cow”? And, Ma is now using an Ipod for her yoga classes. One of her favorite songs is called ‘The Face Of God’ by [lastfm]Karen Drucker[/lastfm]. Ma has embraced the technology.

And Murph, you are the “random dance party” champion. “Marcia Balia ” by [lastfm]Les Rita Mitsouko[/lastfm]is always my go to song, but I never know what you’ll choose. Good times.

But more than anything, it was “The Year Of The Cat”.

I am blessed.

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