First Listen: Arcade Fire Ready To Remix

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[photogallerylink id=53904 align=right]Sometimes when you hear a remix, you get bombarded with techno-pounding bass, endlessly repeating autotuned phrases or beeps and whistles that only dogs should be able to hear. Once in a while, though, you get one of these: a gem in the world of remixes. And who should be the ones to master it? None other than [lastfm]Arcade Fire[/lastfm], who hit big this past year with their Grammy-winning album The Suburbs. The first single off the album, “Ready To Start”, was one of the band’s biggest successes off of this still wildly popular album. The guys of the Fire decided to take it one step further, and had the song remixed with a twist; they did it themselves, with the help of Damian Taylor.

Already, even before you hit play, you know that they’ll be the same genuineness and organic creativity they used to create the song embedded in the remix. Go ahead — read on and hit play.

The song starts off with its original intro, embellished a bit by some staccato effects, airplane-ing into the pounding drum beat of the original song. For the first 4 minutes, you can enjoy “Ready To Start” pretty much as it once was, with snips and snaps here and there of remastered creativity thrown into the mix. Then, the remix really kicks in. Once the lyric fittingly sings the final line “now I’m ready”, an active, staccato techno-organ sound begins along with a slightly slower-than-the-original kick drum beat. It continues with this driving beat and an attitude to keep you moving, and is laden with female vocals in the background that add to the out-of-body, airy experience you’d get while driving at night listening to this song. The piles of comments on the song’s YouTube link all sing praises of the live remix as well, which by comparison to listening to the record, is an experience in and of itself. This “Ready To Start” is a masterful remix by the boys of Arcade Fire, and it makes fans of theirs even happier than they already are by the success of The Suburbs. I think, based on this, that they’re all hoping for more remixes like this. I know I am.

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